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Marine Christmas Poem

My oldest son is currently serving in Iraq — his second tour, and second set of holidays in the sandbox (birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day). I wanted to share my poem with you, because I know you would appreciate it. God bless our troops.

Marine Christmas Poem
Cathi Schleh

My son?s not home for Christmas
No knocking on the door
No trucks or trains or toys to give
No playing on the floor.

My son?s not home for Christmas
He?s serving in the war
He?s not here to hold or hug me
He?s not here like before.

I miss his laugh, his love of life
His jokes, his great deep voice
I miss his music, his dirty room
His TV on all night.

I miss the way he tastes the food
I?m missing all the rest
He made his selfless choice one day
He chose to do what?s best.

I think I know the meaning now
I think I understand
When God sent his only Son
He also sent a Man.

A love so deep for all of us
We?ll never comprehend
A loss for HIM that we must see
A sacrifice for Man.

We?re fighting in a war today
With evil all around
He gave us hope and love and peace
Our own choice must be found.

So I have hope and wish for peace
For all who share my son
Send him home to me next year
There?s no forgotton one.

My son?s not home for Christmas
He?s far away at war
But I can pray for him next year
To knock upon my door.

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