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Marine Corps Bikes

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One of the benefits of being old and retired is that you can take trips and see new things anytime you want to. The wife and I took a day trip across the valley to go see the new Harley Davidson dealer in Scottsdale. When we walked in the door, there were five motorcycles on display which were representative of the five branches of U.S. armed services.

I was admiring the Marine Corps version when a representative, named Nelson, asked if he could help me with anything. I asked if I could possibly get a few pictures of the bike to send to you. He was very eager to help and left and returned with Kameko Maurx, a manager. Together they moved the bike out of the display area and put it in the aisle so I could get some pictures. There was no rush and after I has thanked them for their help, they asked if I wouild like to see the owner’s bike.

The owner’s bike is equally impressive. It had his rank, MOS, ribbons earned, and exhaust that was made to look like mini guns. I asked who did the custom work on the bikes and I was told it was done at their custom shop one block away and was called “Spooky Fast”. He told me to go down and I could have a tour.

We went down and was given a full tour of the entire facility by one of the staff. The owner, Bob Parsons had some more of his personal bikes there on display and all were done in Marine Corps themes. He was an 0311, a Lance Corporal, and with 26th Marines. All this information was done on all of his bikes. His pride did show.

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