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Marine Corps Brat

Marine Corps Brat

Marine Corps Brat Bumper StickerMarine Corps Brat Bumper Sticker and Ribbon Decals

I wanted to say thank you to the Sgt. Grit?s team for making me this bumper sticker. I?ve seen several items for wives, girlfriends, and fianc?s, but never anything for those of us who are proud of being a Marine Corps brat. As I drive around town or on the freeway it has become common place for Marines, young and old, new guard and old guard, to wave, salute, or honk their horns. Those around me think I?m nuts to place this on my car, but I am truly thankful for the service and sacrifice the Marines have made so that I may enjoy my freedom at home.

Thank you to all who have served and are actively serving both at home and abroad. Oohrah!

Tina Minkkinen
Daughter of Staff Sergeant Ronald Miles
Service Dates (1959-1972)

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