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Marine Corps Joke

Generals’ Meeting

There was a brief meeting of several Generals and an Admiral. The Air Force General said, “I think I have finally found a way to show you true guts. “Airman, come here!”

The airman trotted over and came to attention with a brisk, “Yes, sir?”

The Air force General said, “Airman, climb to the top of that flag pole”.

“Yes, Sir”, came the quick response and up the pole he went.

When the airman reached the top, the General told him to jump. The airman shouted, “Yes, Sir”, and dropped to his death.

The General turned to his peers and said, “now that is guts.”

The Army General did the same and the Admiral did too, with the same results as the Air Force poor airman. The Marine General told them they were all full of shit and called a Marine Private over. “Private, climb that flag pole!”

“Sir, yes, Sir!” was the quick response and up the pole he went. The Marine General than told him to jump. The Marine Privates response was, “Sir, no, Sir!”. The General than turned to his peers and said, “now that’s guts.”

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