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Marine Corps Pull Ups

Marine Corps Pull Ups

I want to hear how many pull ups you started out doing in boot camp and how many you could do by the time you graduated.

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JJ Chervinko - April 1, 2020

MCRD San Diego – Platoon 1055 – MRP – Graduated Platoon 2059. Class of 91.

Think I did about 12 pull-ups on IST – was 20 / 80 upon Graduation & pretty much remained at this level for the rest of my four years.

Semper Fi

Tony Woconish - April 1, 2020

PI, SC. 1976. PLT 286, F Co. 2nd BLT.
I weighed 165 LBS. On the initial PFT I did 120 sit-ups, 24 pull ups. On the final PFT I did the same. I scored highest for the series 293/300. Meritorious promotion to PFC. S/F. SSGT. Tony Woconish 76-‘82.

Bob 1381 - April 1, 2020

AMEN BROTHER NICK!!!!!!………Bob 1381

Frank Shelton, Plt. 348 - April 1, 2020

July 1965, MCRD SD, 18 in – 18 out. 0 now.

James Kanavy, CPL 0311 Plt 321 1966 - April 1, 2020

I recall doing 4 in my PRT. I got the 4th one after I saw the DI in front of me put on his black leather gloves and make a fist ! Motivation!

Anthony yonta - April 1, 2020

I was doing 20 when I got in 31 when I got out

Reinhold Woykowski - April 1, 2020

forgot to say now I do zero

Reinhold Woykowski - April 1, 2020

I was in good shape when I went to PI for the only reason I did sports (Wrestling) in all my 4 years of High school. I did 12 pull ups when I got in and 12 when I got out. Also I was 178 pounds when I went to PI and left at 165 pounds. 1972-1974 USMC

Gene DeAtley - April 1, 2020

I started with 9 but I gained 30 lbs in boot camp. I finished doing only 6…

Nick - April 1, 2020

How in the hell do you guys remember how many fn pull ups you did ?I find that fn AMAZING !!
After almost 53 years I can’t even remember doing pull ups! I’m sure I did ,but damn if I remember Nick

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