Marine Corps Pull Ups

Marine Corps Pull Ups

I want to hear how many pull ups you started out doing in boot camp and how many you could do by the time you graduated.

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  • Bill Jackson

    In 1966 with my 36 inch long arms, starting at a dead hang and doing pull-ups (palms facing away from your chin) not the chin-ups (palms facing toward you) I could only do 3 the then minimum amount on the then PRT (Physical Readiness Test) when I arrived at Bootcamp. By, then time graduation came around I was doing 16.

  • Sgt. Robert L

    I can not remember, but I do remember I did better on PT test when I first got there than I did when I left. I was so beat down when I left PI. Maybe it was because when I first got there they scared the crap out of me. I thought I was on another planet.

  • Lowell Gallagher

    30 when i went in 75 when i graduated
    I was in track in high school and then i join the marine

  • Jim W Kiesel

    18 and 26

  • Harry 1371

    Can not remember , but must have been good enough to pass PT test. Harry 1371

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