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Marine Corps Quilt

Marine Corps Quilt

Hi ?

You said to email you the pictures of the Marines quilt I was making for my son?s (Chris L. Heady) birthday Oct.26th and it will also be for Veterans Day as well- I am so proud of his service in the Desert Storm conflict- His wife could not find his patches and they were on his shorts so I ordered 4 new ones to put in the outside corners of this quilt and they have not arrived- once it is finished, I will send you pictures of the completed one-

I have so much fun doing this for him- He is married and has four children, 2 boys and 2 girls- (my grandchildren) and I love him very much- Picture 122, 149 and 142 are the Marines quilt- ignore the other pictures of the butterfly quilt- I just finished that one for someone?s birthday- I just did not know how to send it ? My Chris was part of the tank unit out of Fort Knox, KY.

  Thank you for asking,
A proud Mom
Dr. Dotty Heady

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