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I would like to thank you. You have a wonderful person at your place named Christina Rodriguez, she helped me by sending me 2 – 12" replacement magnets that had blown off my truck… when they blew off, I didn't even go over 45 MPH.

I take this truck to car shows and cruise events… I should have the local recruiter riding shotgun with me, the way that people flock around my Marine truck – it is a 1956 Dodge 1 ton long bed… see the pictures attached.

Christina told me that I should take some pictures and that you may want to post them on your website? Also, you should see the area that I park my truck in… if you were to check my buying records (all the items I purchased) over the last couple of years, you would see all that stuff is on my walls in my parking Garage.

My History In The Corps

I was in Corps from 1961 to 1964 (3 year hitch) MCRD was my permanent duty station. Motor 'T' / MOS 3531… Hollywood Marine!

I drove 'cattle' cars, buses, officers cars, 2 by's, 4 by's, 6 by's and them big (mf's) trucks that bend in the middle and go Chsssssss! My barracks was across from the parade 'Grinder'. My job – I picked up new recruits coming in and then took them where ever they needed to go, rifle range (Camp Mathews), field maneuvers, etc… I even drove for the CNO (Chief of Naval Operations) in a presidential procession from airport, when Pres John Kennedy came to base to speak – (it was only a few months before he was killed). I had easy duty, but, always a Marine and always ready… I did think that I was going to see action in 1962 with the Cuban Missile Crisis… I drove a supply semi day and night for a couple of weeks back and forth from Pendleton to Naval docks in San Diego… loading aircraft carriers with ammo and supplies.

Once or twice Chesty Puller was on base visiting, but,I never got to meet him.

The world is a better place with Marines in it… Semper Fi… Do or Die… Gung Ho!

Gary Heflen
MCRD 1961-1964

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