Marine Fire Base In Iraq

Marine Fire Base In Iraq

Marines taking the fight to ISIS in Iraq. Continue reading
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  • sgt tom dicks

    my god protrct you and all of service members opening cans of wipe-ass on all the idis a-holes god bles you allallbeven the dogges and swapiesair force winnies from another 60’s marine sep 2 1063 t0 jan1967

  • Frank Such at!

    Semper_Fi. TO A Great Bunch Of the Finest in this World!!! From & Old 60’s JarHead. Keep up the Great Work & May GOD Bless You All!

  • John Nordlund

    Semper fidelis!!

  • Leti

    Thank You Marines for your service and sacrifice. May God continue to protect you as well as our other troops serving.

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