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Marine Gear

Marine Gear

Marine holding/wearing a Sgt Grit Apron Set Marine displaying Sgt Grit BBQ set

Dear Sgt.Grit,

Greetings! On 21 Nov.2009 I placed an order with you consisting of a 8 piece BBQ set, & an apron set to be shipped to the Marine Security Guard Detachment, Wellington,New Zealand.

I am pleased to report that the Post Commander,[in my day,N.C.O.I.C.] informed me upon meeting him in late December,2009, both items arrived in good order on 23 December 2009.Interestingly,my birthday.

As you can see in the photos, both items were put on “duty” immediately upon reporting on post by the Post Commander,as seen in photo.The other gentleman holding/wearing the apron set,is yours truly,not as lean,not as mean,but once a Marine,always a Marine.I did a tour myself as a M.S.G. in Wellington,New Zealand,from Dec.1971 to June 1974.Don’t ask how I got so lucky to spend my entire tour in New Zealand.I still wonder about that myself.

My thoughts now are,what can I send this year? I am sure I will find just the right item in your most interesting catalog.Many thanks for getting items to our boys in such a timely manner.

Sincerely & with respect,
Harold Ruckdeschel
Semper Fidelis

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