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Marine Hero

Marine Hero

SSgt.David Nugent picture of LCpl Starkey's mortar platoon section in Viet Nam 66 -67

Sgt. Grit,

As per your reguest to print a story, this is a picture of my mortar platoon section in Viet Nam 66 -67. Foreground upper left L/Cpl Rick Starkey. The other photo is of SSgt.David Nugent,who was seriously wounded trying to return a chicom grenade thrown into his position. Sarge was helping a wounded marine at the time.This action took place Sept.67 at the church yard in Con Thein.These events were documented in a book called Ambush Valley.Because of Sgt.Nugent who recovered from his wounds and other marines that gave their lives,I survided that day but if for nothing else to remember and honor them everyday.

Semper Fi SGT.Grit
L/Cpl Rick Starkey

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