Marine Humor

Marine Humor

This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.
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  • Robert K.

    Good humor OORAH SEMPER FI USMC. 67-71 RVN. 68-69—70-71 3531

  • Phil Ripplinger

    My brother-in-law (wife’s brother) was Navy; catapult on the USS Essex, God rest his soul. We used to banter back and forth. He always said we (Marines) were just a part of the Navy & I (as a true Marine) always replied,”Yeah, the Men’s Dept.” Sgt ’66-’70 Nam ’67-’68 Semper Fi

  • Doc Olive

    Thank God for the Marine Corps. It got me away from the blue suit navy! Semper Fi!

  • frank bradley

    GET EM DOC ! yes were a bit twitchy…….Doc Bradley 67-68

  • Mimi Watson

    My husband(a former Marine)World War 2..a grandson now a son Navy(surely he made a mistake)..we laugh about this often

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