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Marine in Camp Gloucester, New Britain

Marine in Camp Gloucester, New Britain

Hi, Sgt.Grit, I’m the youngest son of Wilfred Magnan. He enlisted in the Marines on 11-15-41, which was 3 weeks before the Pearl Harbor Attack..he heard about it in boot camp in San Diego. He went to New Zealand & Australia, was in the amphibious landings at Cape Gloucester,New Britain on 12-26-43, Tahnamerah,Dutch New Guinea on 4-22-44, and Peleliu on 9-15-44. He survived fierce combat at Peleliu, and left there on 10-20-44. He was honorably discharged 11-28-45. Corporal Wilfred Magnan was in the 1st Marine Division, 1st Tank Battalion, Companies A & D. He was shell loader in Tank no.9. He also carried a backpack radio. He is still alive,and sharp; his wife of 60 years recently passed away. I’ve enclosed a pic, which shows my Dad sitting in the tank turret as the barrel is swabbed)

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