Marine Issued Rain Hat

Been reading the stories about the Pith Helmets. Here is a picture of me wearing a Marine issue rain hat when I was on a Med Cruise with India 3/2 in 1959. I believe we were on Sardinia.

Cpl (2 stripes) Patrick Arata

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  • Angelo Paiotti

    To Patrick Arata the 2 stripe cal got replaced in Jan. 1959 with 1 stripe crossed rifles known as lance cal

  • Henry Kaspar

    Served 1951-54 8th marines the only head gear we were issued, utility caps & steel pots never seen pit helmets I guess that’s why they call us “the old corps

  • George McClure

    When stationed at 29 Palms in 1954 they issued us pith helmets.

  • Glenn Bass

    We had pith helmets issued when we made port in the Philippines in 1960.I was with HMR (L) 163, we were aboard the USS Bennington CVS 20. I do not recall the battalion were were working with while afloat.

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