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Marine Mom Poetry

My Marine's Sentinel
Copyright © 2004 Sandra Lee James
A Proud Marine Mom

When my son joined the Corps, I asked favor of God,
To watch over my son and take care of his squad.
And on days when His watch is needed elsewhere,
For those times, my request was a special prayer.

There was something I'd heard that's unique to the Corps,
Something I'd never heard of before.
When I heard the story, it reassured my heart,
Because it's something that sets Marines apart.

When a Marine is assigned to his final squad,
And the man with top rank is none other than God,
He knows for his service, his reward will be great,
For it's only Marines who guard Heaven's Gate.

So in my prayer to God, it is this that I asked,
I knew only a Marine could manage the task,
Please search through your ranks for just the right man,
One who knows combat and knows the game plan.

For those times when my son finds himself in harm's way,
Please dispatch that sentinel, without delay.
Appoint a Marine to keep watch on my son,
And please send him back home, once his mission is done.

I sleep better at night, I know my son's in good hands,
I know God hears my prayers and He understands.
My son doesn't know it, but wherever he's at,
There's a Marine up in heaven who's got his back.

Fight for the Right!
Copyright 2005 © Sandra Lee James
A Proud Marine Mother

My son and his buddies are in a hostile place.
A once decadent palace now serves as their base.
Together they form an impressive force,
They keep watch on each other as they stay the course.

Their mission revolves around a four letter word,
which before their arrival, in this place was absurd.
For this four letter word, men's lives have been lost,
but throughout history for this word, blood is the cost.

My son wears a uniform to protect this word,
So the voice of a country may rise up and be heard.
Monsters of humanity bully this land,
Against them my son and his brothers firmly stand.

They are mighty Marines and when they come to defend,
Their enemies face a power they can't comprehend.
The people in this land who've long been mistreated,
may now stand united to see the monsters defeated.

This four letter word and the power that it brings,
has been the demise of many vile kings.
Although for a time, its influence seemed remote,
the time has now come for Iraqis to VOTE!

Our country's brave military will continue to fight,
to make certain these people can exercise this right.
We pray that sweet liberty takes hold of their hearts.
And with that may Iraq declare a brand new start.

Farewell Marine
Copyright 2005 © Sandra Lee James
A Proud Marine Mother

Farewell Marine

Dedicated to the heroes
lost in the helicopter crash near
Ar Rutbah, Iraq on January 26, 2005
and in honor of those Marines who will carry on.

The combat boots are empty and finally they're still,
They're set carefully at attention, they've marched up their last hill.
The rifle, too, is silent now and unwaveringly erected,
Holding up the well-worn helmet, of the Marine it once protected.

One by one his comrades somberly draw near,
Each raising one last salute, unashamed to shed a tear.
A time-honored tribute, dating back to days of old,
As a reverent memorial, a stirring image to behold.
It bears witness to the bond of a brotherhood of men,
The kind who only come along, every now and then.
These men who pass will carry on, they've a mission to complete,
For our Country they will fiercely fight, our enemies they'll defeat.

But in his heart after this, no Marine will be the same,
A hero is now known to him, and bears his buddy's name.
Wherever duty takes him, whatever battles he may fight,
Never will he forget the friend, who gave his life for what is right.

Finally, the bugle sounds, Taps is softly played,
Time to say farewell, and say a prayer, for the sacrifices made.
This day the names of those who died will be added to the List,
They will forever be remembered and will undeniably be missed.

Next time you see a proud Marine, in that uniform he wears,
Know his heart is strong and true, please keep him in your prayers.
He lives by a vow to protect and defend, no matter what the cost,
But to every Marine, it carries a name?his buddy who was lost.

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