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Marine Mom Tears

I wrote this poem to my son the other day. He is in Golf Company 2/2 Mar Division currently on deployment. After sharing it with other moms it was suggested I send it to you and see if you agree other moms would like to read it and see how much it hits home.

Lynn Ard

Marine Mom Tears
Lynn Ard

I remember the first time I held you in my arms, proof that God does answer prayers, I cried!

I remember your first day of kindergarten, I cried more than you!

I remember graduation day how proud we were, hearing your name and watching you receive your diploma, I cried!

I remember the day you told us you were joining the United States Marine Corps, my heart skipped a beat or two and oh yeah, I cried!

I remember that early morning dad drove you to the bus for boot camp, I stayed home, oh yeah I cried!

I remember listening to those songs on the radio and news on television, I cried!

I remember your deployment day, wiping tears on that long ride to camp Lejeune, hoping we would never get there. I cried so hard giving you that last hug for awhile knowing my heart and soul was being torn apart knowing you would be so far away and even this time the good ole cell phone would fail me, oh yeah, I cried.

My Marine, as you can see moms have endless tears because of love and respect for the Marine you have become but until the day you are in my arms again like the first day of your life…..smiling that melt my heart smile, remember how very very proud we are of you, our United States Marine….and oh heck yeah, I’ll cry!

Love Mom
VPMM Lcpl Andrew

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