Sgt. Daniel W. Ridgeway
2nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company in support of 1st Battalion, 5th Marines
June 18, 2011
Award: Silver Star
While on a dismounted security patrol to clear a suspected enemy cache site, then-Sgt. Ridgeway supervised the combat operations of his team. The cache site was located in a heavily Improvised Explosive Device laden area, historically used to pin down Coalition Forces for small arms attacks. Soon after the squad began to maneuver, an explosive device struck one of Ridgeway’s Marines. Quickly working his way to the wounded Marine, Ridgeway cleared a 40-meter path on his hands and knees. Upon arrival, he administered tactical care to treat serious wounds to the Marine’s lower leg and shrapnel over his entire body. Ridgeway then began to sweep a 100 meter by 100 meter landing zone to facilitate the Marine’s medical evacuation. Immediately following the evacuation, the squad came under withering enemy fire from multiple positions. During the sustained firefight, Ridgeway again cleared several paths by utilizing hands on, render-safe procedures on five more Improvised Explosive Devices while under direct fire from the enemy. These actions undoubtedly thwarted the enemy’s attack and saved the lives of the Marines and Sailors serving alongside him.
Photo by Lance Cpl. Shawn Valosin
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  • Murray Hermanson

    Ron, If the Jim Miller you knew was from Minnesota I went to school with him, yes he was KIA in Jan 68. I was home on leave from 6 month extend in Vietnam, and and went to his wake. He wasn’t in country very long killed on a patrol. Murray 1371 PS: We put a flag on his grave every year. He is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in St. Paul MN.

  • Ron Black

    Ski–Just taking a wild shot, in 67-68 did you run into a PFC Jim Miller. KIA-early january of 68. He was my best friend in boot camp. Looked for him for years and finally found him on the vertual wall site. Seems I had the wrong middle enitial.
    Ron Black
    SGT 67-71


    What can I say about MY BROTHER’S. AS part of the2/10 retrain and being part of the BAY OF PIG’S , my recon training was my life saver. I will always be grateful to those S.O.B’S that trained me.
    I am alive & well in N.C
    SSGT Charlie Brown ’59-’64

  • Hugh Mills Jr

    God’s Blessings to all of “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” note (USMC). These are the words used to describe Marines by Mrs. Franklin Delano Rosevelt when asked what do you think of the Marines? This after Guadalcanal & Iwo Jima. Prior she, had described them as Over Sexed Under Paid Killers . There is also the story that as Recon Marines were landing somewhere in the Mediterranean they observed a large number of people (civilians) on the beach where they were landing. The squad leader, turned to the Gunny Sgt with them and reported There are large number of people swimming on the beach. The Gunny is reported to instruct “Kill the
    M all but six Sgt..” The Sgt asked “Why should we not kill six? Funny responded, “somebody got t bury them others boy. Understand?

  • Joseph Drobniak

    Some guys still have balls and most of them are Marines. SEMPER FI

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