Gunnery Sgt. Aubrey McDade
1st Battalion, 8th Marines
Fallujah, Iraq, Nov. 11, 2004
Award: Navy Cross

Shortly after departing their base in Fallujah, then-Sgt. McDade and 1/8 Bravo Company’s 1st Platoon entered an alley and encountered an immediate heavy volume of small arms and machine gun fire. In the opening seconds of the engagement, three Marines were seriously wounded as the well positioned and expecting enemy pinned others down. On contact, McDade rushed from the rear of the platoon column toward the kill zone and immediately deployed a machine gun team into the alley to provide suppressive fire on the enemy. After several attempts to reach casualties in the alley were met with heavy, well-aimed machine gun fire, he showed total disregard for his own safety by moving across the alley and successfully extracting the first of three wounded Marines from the kill zone. Aware of the fact that there were still two wounded Marines in the alley, McDade dashed through the heart of the kill zone two more times, each time braving intense enemy fire to successfully retrieve a Marine. After extracting the last casualty from the kill zone, he assisted in their treatment and medical evacuation. His quick thinking and aggressive actions were crucial in saving the lives of two of the three casualties. (U.S. Marine Corps photos by Staff Sgt. Jonathan C. Knauth & Sgt. Kenneth Trotter)

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  • Sgt. Steve G.

    Gunny, you are the true (real deal) hero! You are the best of the best. I applaud and honor you Sir. Because of you I am proud to be part of the marine Corps family! If you’re ever in Utah, contact me for a true American Hero welcome. SEMPER FI brother!

  • David A. Galati

    I feel impressed to add just one more thing as a former infantry captain….We call it the Congressional Medal of Honor, but, in truth, I can’t help but think that the heroic actions of GySgt McDade and so many other Marines who uphold the same noble values of tenacious brotherhood are far more honorable than many things coming out of Congress these days!

    GySgt McDade….If you perchance should read, then know this….the selflessness you exhibited under fire represents the one thing this planet is woefully lacking these days!

    May God bless you, your family, your community, and anywhere else you may plant your feet! And may God bless my Marine Corps for understanding the true nature of brotherhood!

  • David A Galati

    Does not such valor warrant a Medal of Honor?!!

  • Joe Ski

    A job well done Gunny.
    Semper Fi
    Cpl. Joe Ski
    Disabled Viet-Nam Veteran

  • Jerry Feldman

    Deserves the CMH. Outstanding bravery and a credit to the United States Marine Corps……

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