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Marine of the Week // He Manuvered through the Kill Zone on Foot

Marine of the Week // He Manuvered through the Kill Zone on Foot

Capt. Ademola D. Fabayo
Embedded Training Team 2-8
Kunar Province, Afghanistan
September 8, 2009
Award: Navy Cross

Then-First Lieutenant Fabayo and other members of his team led two platoons of Afghan National Security Forces into Ganjgal Village for a pre-dawn meeting with village elders when the dismounted patrol was ambushed by roughly 50 enemy fighters in fortified positions. With four fellow team members cut off, he pushed forward on foot into the kill zone in an attempt to regain contact, effectively engaging the enemy at close range with his M-4 rifle. When a U.S. Army Advisor was severely wounded, he moved from a covered position under heavy fire to assist in his recovery, helping carry him across several hundred meters of fire-swept ground. He drove back into the kill zone with another U.S. Army Advisor in an unarmored truck, despite enemy rounds impacting the vehicle, in an attempt to reach the separated team members. After treating and evacuating several wounded Afghan Forces, he took the gunner’s position on a gun-truck with three other U.S. personnel as they again drove into the kill zone to recover the bodies of the four fallen team members, providing effective suppressive fires with the vehicle mounted machine guns. By his decisive actions, bold initiative, and complete dedication to duty, First Lieutenant Fabayo reflected great credit upon himself and the Marine Corps and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

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Sgt R. “Sal” Salinas, VietNam 67-68 69-70 - May 11, 2020

Semper Fi!!! Skipper.

Sgt T. K. Shimono (59-68) - May 11, 2020

He should have received the Medal of Honor!

Grant L. Sydow Jr - May 11, 2020

Well done Skipper.

SAM POSS - May 11, 2020


Hayes Sgt 65-69 Mike - May 11, 2020

Outstanding! One thing I always think about when seeing a Marine honored in this way. That is all those Marines who lost their lives on the battlefield that were not observed being heroic. There are so so many. Mighty-Mighty!

Cliff Lawson Sgt 62-66 - May 11, 2020

That’s what being a Marine is all about—courage and discipline under fire. Semper Fi!

Bill Schoewe - May 11, 2020

A true hero in every meaning of the word, and a true Marine. He makes me proud to have served. Ooh Rah!

Elias - May 11, 2020

We Need More People Like You Marine Hoorah

JR Morgan Sgt USMC 1966-70 - May 11, 2020

An honor to address you Marine. Great job.

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