Marine of the Week // “I saw my sergeant laying down and I said, ‘Not today.'”

Marine of the Week // “I saw my sergeant laying down and I said, ‘Not today.'” Admin |

Cpl. Moses Cardenas
H&HS, 1st LAR, RCT-2, II Marine Expeditionary Force
Iraq, August 2, 2007
Award: Silver Star

While conducting a combat patrol, Lance Corporal Cardenas’ platoon was attacked by heavy automatic fire, a suicide bomber, and rocket propelled grenades after stopping two suspicious trucks. During the initial stage of the fight, a Marine fell wounded in the open between the opposing forces. Realizing that the bulk of friendly weapons were masked, Lance Corporal Cardenas left his safe position behind a vehicle and fought his way across 50 meters of fire-swept, open desert against five armed insurgents to rescue the fallen Marine. After sustaining a gunshot wound to the neck that knocked him to the ground, Lance Corporal Cardenas tenaciously rose to his feet, calmly reloaded his squad automatic weapon, and continued his assault until he reached the wounded Marine. With rounds impacting around him, Lance Corporal Cardenas alternated between pulling the wounded Marine and shooting bursts of controlled automatic fire at the enemy. After pulling the wounded Marine 100 meters, he continued suppressive fire while rendering first aid until medical personnel arrived to tend to the wounds of both Marines. Throughout this close and fierce fight, he ignored his own severe wounds, remained fixed on his task, and saved the life of a fellow Marine. By his bold leadership, wise judgment, and complete dedication to duty, Lance Corporal Cardenas reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.


The Citation reads like at least a Navy Cross if not the Medal of Honor. Well done LCpl. You are a great example for our young Marines, and all Marines both Enlisted and Officer. Semper Fi

Lieutenant Colonel, Richard Goodlake, USMC (Ret),

Sounds like a deed valued more then a Silver Star. Thank you L/Cpl Cardenas.

Vietnam Combat Vet,

I vote for a NAVY CROSS.

Tony Woconish,

I agree with the Marines above that this young Lance Corporal deserved a higher decoration than the Silver Star. Still this story made proud to have earned the title and to be associated Marines like this. SEMPER FI.

Chris Cortez,

This is what marines are trained for so when you are in combat your training kicks in that time SEMPER FI Marine outstanding job

Sgt R.Padgett,

Semper Fi Marine! Thanks for keeping the traditions of the Marine Corps.

Al Coffey,

Well, maybe not the Medal of Honor, but this sure reads like a Navy Cross!

Gary Nash, 0302,

Sounds like this brass-balled Marine deserves the Medal Of Honor not a Silver Star. Semper Fi Devildog!!!!

Marine 0331,

This young Marine’s actions reflects what every Drill Instructor preaches every day. As Marines, we take care of each other no matter where we are or what we made be doing. His courage is what we all hope we will have when the time comes. Well done, Cpl. Cardenas. We are all extremely proud of you.

Major Sam Poss USMC, Former Drill Instructor,

Semper Fi, OOHRAH!!

Kenny Byers,

Semper Fi.

Richard Simmons,

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