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Marine of the Week // “It was probably one of the hardest things I ever did.”

Staff Sgt. Timothy Williams
Reconnaissance Section Assistant Team Leader, RCT-6, 1st Marine DivisionI Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF).
July 10, 2012
Award: Silver Star

While a member of a 15 man joint Afghan National Army and Marine force, the patrol came under intense and accurate fire from a numerically superior force. Throughout the following 10 hour engagement Staff Sergeant Williams took direct action to counter the ambush and repeatedly displayed superior leadership while directing his team under heavy small arms fire from fixed Taliban positions. Upon discovering his team leader was seriously wounded, Staff Sergeant Williams sprinted across 60 meters of open terrain, exposing himself to accurate enemy fire in order to aid and evacuate the wounded Marine. Staff Sergeant Williams exposed himself to accurate enemy fire yet again when he carried the wounded Marine over 300 meters of uneven terrain to the medical evacuation platform. He then took charge of the joint element and continued the assault on the enemy, personally killing 5 enemy fighters, while moving the team more than 2600 meters toward a trapped Quick Reaction Force and establishing firm defensive positions repelling the enemy. Through his sound tactical and technical proficiencies, he led his element to effectively neutralize numerous Taliban positions and an estimated 20 Taliban fighters across 3,000 meters of arduous terrain. By his bold leadership, extraordinary initiative, and undaunted courage, Staff Sergeant Williams reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United Stated Naval Service.

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Sgt. Albert Cseh - May 4, 2020

His actions make All Marines proud.

SGT Ted K. Shimono - May 4, 2020

SSgt Williams should have been awarded the Navy Cross for his actions. CMC needs to reevaluate the Silver Star award.

John Durant - May 4, 2020

Don, Have you tried highlighting the material that you want to share, then right clicking to select “copy” then drop into any correspondence you want share with by right clicking again and selecting “paste”. Presto!, Bingo, there it is! I share lots of stuff that way.

Donald Johansen - May 4, 2020

Why don’t you make these articles shareable? I would like to share certain articles with my friends on Face Book so they can see what Marines are doing and have done.

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