Marine of the Week // “It’s a brotherhood...It’s the man to your left and the man to your right. That’s what matters.”

Marine of the Week // “It’s a brotherhood...It’s the man to your left and the man to your right. That’s what matters.”

CWO 3 Anthony Viggiani
1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit
Zabol Province, Afghanistan
June 3, 2004
Award: Navy Cross

While leading a company assault against an enemy held ridgeline north of the village of Khabargho, then-Sergeant Viggiani and his squadron came under heavy and accurate fire from an enemy force well entrenched inside a cave, pinning down one of his teams and wounding two of his Marines. Moving across exposed ground, under observation and fire from an adjacent enemy position, Sergeant Viggiani maneuvered to the cave opening, but achieving no effect on the enemy. Braving enemy fire from the adjacent enemy position, he went back to retrieve a fragmentation grenade. Again, under a hail of fire, he moved to within feet of the cave opening and employed the grenade to eliminate the enemy position, which was actively firing upon friendly forces. Killing three enemy fighters, Sergeant Viggiani destroyed the enemy strongpoint and allowed his company to continue their advance up to the ridgeline, solidly defeating the enemy by killing a total of fourteen Anti-Coalition fighters. In the process, he was wounded by rifle fire from the adjacent enemy position, yet he continued to lead his Marines in the attack. By his outstanding display of decisive leadership, unlimited courage in the face of enemy fire and utmost dedication to duty, Sergeant Viggiani reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

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  • Murray Hermanson

    If I can’t say anything nice I don’t like to say anything, but I was wondering don’t they carry grenades any more? Where did he go to get that one, supply?.Feb66-Nov69 Vietnam Dec66 – Aug68 back May69- Aug69. with 1/9 2/9, 3/9 and 2/26 many operations.

  • MSgt J. Reyna

    Not to diminish his courage nor his award, but he was leading a “squadron”?

  • Sgt Mike Welsh

    I am very proud that you carry on the tradition. Semper Fi ………May the Corps live forever.

  • Whitebear

    Boots to the ground,rounds down range,the blood of our enemy shall mark his grave.Semper Fi.2nd Recon ,2nd Marines……..

  • Richard Booker


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