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Marine of the Week // Only minutes after that photo was taken:

Marine of the Week // Only minutes after that photo was taken:

MARINE OF THE WEEK // Only minutes after that photo was taken:

1st Lt. Baldomero López
1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment1st Marine Division
Inchon, Korea
September 15, 1950
Award: Medal of Honor

With his platoon 1st Lt. Lopez was engaged in the reduction of immediate enemy beach defenses after landing with the assault waves. Exposing himself to hostile fire, he moved forward alongside a bunker and prepared to throw a hand grenade into the next pillbox whose fire was pinning down that sector of the beach. Taken under fire by an enemy automatic weapon and hit in the right shoulder and chest as he lifted his arm to throw, he fell backward and dropped the deadly missile. After a moment, he turned and dragged his body forward in an effort to retrieve the grenade and throw it. In critical condition from pain and loss of blood, and unable to grasp the hand grenade firmly enough to hurl it, he chose to sacrifice himself rather than endanger the lives of his men and, with a sweeping motion of his wounded right arm, cradled the grenade under him and absorbed the full impact of the explosion. His exceptional courage, fortitude, and devotion to duty reflect the highest credit upon 1st Lt. Lopez and the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

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Proud Tampa Marine - June 7, 2020

Lt Lopez was a Tampa Native. A City Councilman, Luis Viera, a proud Cuban-American, and myself made it a point to go to every Tampa Fire Station and talk to the firefighters on duty, and leave them a framed copy of this picture and a framed copy of his MoH Citation. Also he has an elementary school named after him in Seffner, Fl. He rests in eternal peace just feet away from his proud parents at Centro Espanol Cemetery on Tampa’s east side. Tampa Fire Station 7 got the first issue as his grave lies in their service box.

Sgt. Reed, K.A. - June 7, 2020

Sgt R. “Sal” Salinas USMC 66-70 - June 7, 2020

Semper Fi!!

Paul Chacho Jr. SGT. E5 66to69. - June 7, 2020

It is amazing the courage of this US Marine. Semper Fi 1st Lt. Lopez.

SGT. David Ventura - June 7, 2020


LCPL Hunter,MF. terminal lance - June 7, 2020

I served in 1/5 many years after him,and served again on an prepo ship named after him in 2001,small freaking world

WILLIAM RUSSO - June 7, 2020


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