Marine of the Week // Selfless Sacrifice

Marine of the Week // Selfless Sacrifice


Sgt. Rafael Peralta
1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, Regimental Combat Team 7, 1st Marine Division
Fallujah, Iraq, November 15 2004
Award: Navy Cross (Posthumously)

Clearing scores of houses in the previous three days, Sergeant Peralta asked to join an under-strength squad and volunteered to stand post the night of 14 November, allowing fellow Marines more time to rest. The following morning, during search and attack operations, while clearing the seventh house of the day, the point man opened a door to a back room and immediately came under intense, close-range automatic weapons fire from multiple insurgents. The squad returned fire, wounding one insurgent. While attempting to maneuver out of the line of fire, Sergeant Peralta was shot and fell mortally wounded. After the initial exchange of gunfire, the insurgents broke contact, throwing a fragmentation grenade as they fled the building. The grenade came to rest near Sergeant Peralta’s head. Without hesitation and with complete disregard for his own personal safety, Sergeant Peralta reached out and pulled the grenade to his body, absorbing the brunt of the blast and shielding fellow Marines only feet away. Sergeant Peralta succumbed to his wounds. By his undaunted courage, intrepid fighting spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty, Sergeant Peralta reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

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  • Charles V Failla USMC, former Capt 0302

    His training produced instinctive heroism. Essentially this is the foundation of the Marine Corps and it occurs more often than not. Unfortunately, it is rarely recognized by others. He, without question, should receive the Medal of Honor, since he might have survived his head wound and lived a long productive life. In essence he gave his precious life for his fellow Marines. Unfortunately our military has become PC and the brass are bpoliticians not warriors.

  • Ron Flett

    The Secretary of Defense at the time (Robert Gates) is the one who killed the MOH recommendation. I hope he burns in hell.

  • C. Stoney Brook

    Count me as another vote for the Medal of Honor. Is the Pentagon afraid it will diminish the award by handing out too many? Is there a quota?

  • Sgt Angelo J.Manos

    You Marines know whats it like.Sgt Peralta was probably put in for the Medal.When I see a Marine who was decorated,I always see a higher award than what he was awarded.God knows its an act of God when a Marine gets any combat medal.

  • Mike Kerrigan

    The Commandant of the Marine Corps needs to step up and do his duty as Sgt. Peralta did – To Maintain The Highest Traditions Of The Marine Corps……………Sacrifice your life to save your brothers. The Medal Of Honor is more than justified………….

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