Marine of the Week // The Insurgents Were Next Door

Marine of the Week // The Insurgents Were Next Door

Lance Cpl. Carlos Gomez-Perez
2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, Regimental Combat Team 1, 1st Marine Division
Fallujah, Iraq, April 26, 2004
Award: Silver Star

While conducting security patrols in Al Fallujah, Iraq, Lance Corporal Gomez-Perez’ platoon secured two buildings from which to observe enemy movement. At 1100, a numerically superior enemy force attacked the platoon with rocket-propelled grenades and machine gun fire from three directions. During the first 15 minutes of the attack, the enemy closed to within 20 meters of the platoon, wounding many Marines on the rooftop position. After ensuring wounded platoon members received medical treatment, Lance Corporal Gomez-Perez rushed to reinforce the critical rooftop position. After enemy fire wounded one of his comrades, Lance Corporal Gomez-Perez courageously exposed himself to enemy fire to move the Marine to safety and was wounded through the right shoulder and cheek during the process. Despite his injuries, he again exposed himself to enemy fire and continued to attack the enemy with grenades and by firing his rifle with his uninjured arm. Lance Corporal Gomez-Perez’ fierce defense halted a determined enemy assault and enabled the evacuation of wounded Marines. By his bold leadership, wise judgment, and complete dedication to duty, Lance Corporal Gomez-Perez reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

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  • jerry powers

    thank you for standing up for our freedom. my 4 year old grandaughter and myself salutes you. job well done

  • Juan Alonzo, Capt. USMC, Ret.

    Good to hear your story, LCpl! Great job, although the description seems like it should have merited more than a Silver Star. Actions stopped an attack by a ‘numerically superior’ force and allowed the evacuation of then wounded. Thus, saving a number of Marine lives! Hope this is a case that is reviewed by DOD, seems worthy of a Navy Cross!

  • bruce bender

    A Marine – is molded by Drill Instructors – usually 3 in each platoon- and sometimes other Instructors in your series may intervene as well. It was a tough obstacle to overcome for each of us – most helped others who were less fortunate than we were. We were a team – one out of many – we were molded into a unit – who like the term _ = GUNG HO_= worked together. My thoughts were during recruit training to finally meet up with Seeing one of my D. I. ‘ s one of my Drill Instructors whom I Admired – but disliked. — My wish came true as I was stationed at Headquarters Marine Corps – I saw him at the Naval Annex one morning and approached him- he looked like any other Marine – not a GOD – as we saw him as earlier in Boot Camp. I introduced myself- spoke with him – he still had that aura of how he talked – and after a brief engagement of general conversation – he said to me the following- ” Bruce – I do not remember you which means I only remembered to screw ups – so if I do not remember you – you must be a United States Marine that got the message and saw the light we tried to get you to see and follow. I shook his hand- stood a little taller – and wished him well – then I escorted him to the office he sought as the Naval Annex was huge – and it was the least i could do for for a fellow Marine.

  • Rudy Gibbs

    You show old Marines like me we have been replace by the young but just as good if not better May GOD and CHESTY PULLER be with you Semper-Fi

  • Marine Sgt Court Conkwright

    Great job Jarhead! Done like a true hard core Marine Brother!

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