Marine of the Week // Took the Grenade Blast and Kept Fighting

Marine of the Week // Took the Grenade Blast and Kept Fighting

Cpl. Richard Weinmaster
2d Battalion, 7th Marines, Marine Corps Forces, Central Command (Forward)
Sangin District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan
July 8, 2008
Award: Navy Cross

Then-Private First Class Weinmaster’s squad was conducting a dismounted patrol down a narrow side street when enemy forces ambushed the squad with machine gun fire and hand grenades. Upon contact, Private First Class Weinmaster immediately began engaging the enemy positions with his squad automatic weapon. As he delivered suppressive fire and assaulted the enemy, encountering a withering volume of fire that passed within meters of his position, Private First Class Weinmaster saw two hand grenades tossed over a wall land in the middle of his patrol. Noting where one of the grenades landed, he quickly placed himself between the grenade and his fire team leader, using his body to shield both his team leader and several other Marines from the blast, which occurred immediately. Private First Class Weinmaster was seriously injured when the grenade detonated, but his valorous actions prevented his fire team leader from receiving any shrapnel. Although he was critically wounded, Private First Class Weinmaster continued to carry on the attack, engaging enemy forces with accurate automatic weapons fire and forcing them to break contact, until he collapsed from the gravity of his wounds. By his outstanding display of decisive action, unlimited courage in the face of extreme danger, and total dedication to duty, Private First Class Weinmaster reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

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  • Sgt R. “Sal” Salinas USMC 66-70 Vietnam

    SEMPER-FI Brother! From the information that I have read in this article. I also agreed. You should have been awarded the MOH.

  • Alan

    I am always proud of our service members. They take the lives in there own hands so I can live in this great country of ours. I was never able to serve since i have epelipcy My father served in the corp. and served on Wake Island at the time of the Japanese invasion.I know he is proud to be a Marine and well as this young man.

  • Cpl Hardardt

    Maybe I should have started this dialogue by saying this, I am happy that they atleast awarded you the navy cross rather than nothing for your actions. Can someone please tell me what the difference of the navy cross is over the medal of honor in relation of receiving it. The young Marine was noted for what (I hope any Marine would do for his fellow Marines) he did. Are we not a section of the Navy? I mean no disreguard to anyone by asking this, just clarification of the difference.

  • Greg Furey

    Outstanding. GJF, Cpl., E2/7, 1974-1976.

  • ScranunSlim

    “Where do we get such men?”
    – Admiral Tarrant in “The.
    Bridges at Toko Ri”

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