#Marine of the Week // Up Against an Enemy Platoon

#Marine of the Week // Up Against an Enemy Platoon


Staff Sgt. Nathan Hervey
Scout sniper section leader, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines
Helmand Province, Afghanistan
May 21, 2011
Award: Bronze Star w/ Combat “V”

After establishing an overwatch position in support of an interdiction of enemy forces in the area, then-Sergeant Hervey directed his Marines to engage with precision and machinegun fires as insurgents attempted to occupy a position to ambush a Marine squad. As the engagement continued, the enemy reinforced with heavy machine guns, recoilless rifles and rocket propelled grenades. Seeing the adjacent Marines’ situation deteriorating, Sergeant Hervey began moving his snipers north, personally sweeping for explosive devices, and attempting to establish an attack by fire position as Marine reinforcements arrived. As he continued to move, enemy forces began engaging with automatic grenade launcher fire while he discovered an explosive device in his path. With the insurgents now in platoon strength, the sniper section began prosecuting multiple targets despite intense enemy fire in order to protect an isolated and exposed adjacent unit that had struck an improvised explosive device. As the enemy began reinforcing, Sergeant Hervey coordinated with his company headquarters to provide the critical guidance for multiple aerial and indirect fire strikes that destroyed the enemy’s heavy weapons and forced the insurgents’ withdrawal.

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  • John fennelly

    Sarge made my day, there are still real men and great marines. Everybody is not a pajama boy. The corps , the corps, and the corps. The only sane place left in this country. Semper fi

  • Harry

    real Marine story!! Outstanding!!

  • Jesse Way, Sgt, 73-80

    Why does it our country so long to recognize greatness in its mist

  • Cpl Perez

    God bless America and god bless you. Siempre Fi


    NOW That’s what I call “Keeping your cool” while under fire ! Great job Sarg. Semper Fi.

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