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MARINE OF THE WEEK // "We had to buckle down. There was no time to dwell."

MARINE OF THE WEEK // "We had to buckle down. There was no time to dwell."

MARINE OF THE WEEK // “We had to buckle down. There was no time to dwell.”

Sgt. Ken Rick
1st Battalion, 7th Marines
Afghanistan, June 22-23, 2012
Award: Silver Star

After the completion of an air assault into an Afghan village, then-Sgt. Ken Rick (now a Staff Sgt.) and his squad were attacked from multiple positions by high volumes of medium machinegun and indirect fire. Rick subjected himself to the enemy fire four times to employ his M4 carbine and M203 grenade launcher accurately while directing his squad’s maneuver. By his leadership, Rick’s squad served the enemy with devastating firepower and forced their immediate withdrawal. Later that day, with complete disregard for his own safety, Rick forfeited cover and ran out of their patrol base, covering 200 meters of open ground to lead a security team and recover a mortally wounded Marine. Though enemy rounds impacted within feet of his position as the security team maneuvered to the patrol base, Rick calmly directed his squad’s fires. He remained outside the patrol base, suppressing the enemy until all of his Marines were safely inside. The following day, Rick again led his squad in countering a complex ambush. The precision fire he employed from his grenade launcher destroyed two enemy fighters and oriented close air support aircraft onto their targets, ultimately leading to the destruction of the enemy.

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Wahibe Anthony - July 5, 2020


joe Anthony

Sgt. Steve Guibord - July 5, 2020

SSgt Rick, what a Marine you are Sir. Your Silver Star should be upgraded to the Medal of Honor brother. It is you Sir, who makes me proud to have served as Marine. Semper Fi

Ken Rhodes - July 5, 2020

Can the Kid’Z Army have your ✍️ Autograph ? 👍 1775 – 2020

Wiley F. Smith - July 5, 2020

I was in the US Navy from 65 -69 I spent two ans a half years on a blue water ship made a north Pac and west pac cruse before I was drafted from in the Navy into Special inshore Operations (fiberglass river boats) The navy trained us in small boat operations then we were turned over to the Marine Corp for combat and infantry tactics (today the navy has all the training sites they need but back them Special Inshore Ops was so new that our training was limited as they had get us trained and get us to Vietnam ASAP. I went to SERE ( survival evasion resistance and escape ) training I earned a purple heart Navy achievement medal with combat V A lot of us Brown water sailors own our lived to the excellent training we recieved from the Corp. The above mentioned Marine has every right to have his Silver Star upgrades to the Medal of Honor as he is the very embodiment of Marine Corp Values River Division 593 PBR 752 aug of 68 wounded and med evacted out march of 69 Operation Giant Slingshot Semper Fi

Mark - July 5, 2020

Semperfi Brother This is what Marines Do ooh Rah

Sgt Jeffrey Rodriguez….94-99 Suicide Charley - July 5, 2020

1/7….baby…..Semper Fi

GySgt Ken Norwood Retired - July 5, 2020

I have been privileged to know SSgt Ken Rick since he was a young man and one of my Young Marines. It was obvious to me, even way back there, he was something special. He was then and still is now!

Gary - July 5, 2020

I agree with Sgt. Baker. OORAH Staff Sgt. Rick !! 🇺🇸

Sgt Chuck Baker, USMC ,1973-1977 - July 5, 2020

Amazing, this Silver Star should be upgraded to a “Medal of Honor” Semper Fi

Alfredo Gonzalez - July 5, 2020

Hoo rah devil dog

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