Marine Recruit: Tears In The Sand

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"Marine Recruit: Tears in the Sand" is an epic novel of Marine Corps boot camp (San Diego). A compelling unabridged account of recruit training as told by the Drill Instructor.

Author of Chronicles of a Marine Rifleman, Retired 1st Sergeant Herb Brewer, USMC, now brings to life this outstanding all-encompassing witty honest, caringly brutal, human, and timeless narrative. Combining two stories into one, he takes you all the way from the grueling view of the recruit to the panoramic mission and perspective of the Drill Instructor.

At MCRD, you can count on two things the recruit is green, the Marine Drill Instructor is legendary. First Sergeant Brewer captures the essences and awareness of what it means to be both.

Marine Recruit is a rare and unparalleled look into MCRD. Enter now the revered birthplace of the Marine where every Drill Instructor was once a recruit.

Get the dust jacket hardcover copy of this book at "Marine Recruit: Tears in the Sand".

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