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Marine Wedding

Marine Wedding

wedding cake featuring Marine Corps sealMarines holding a bride

Dear Sgt Grit:

Few occasions are as memorable and festive as a wedding, especially one where the 300 guests and the entire region were evacuated in the path of last year?s Hurricane Gustav just 5 days earlier. We all returned home to find no power, no food, other than canned, and no personnel including venue caretakers, bakers, florists and hotels employees. In addition, we had lost four days of valuable preparation time. At one point, we had people in the air, flying from four different states and no place to board them. Miraculously, all the pieces feel back into place just in time and people were calling it the miracle wedding. If you had seen it all in a movie, you would never have believed it.

Take a look a the photos and witness a very happy Marine wedding party, including my son the groom, 2nd Lt Robert M Locke.

Semper Fidelis
Robert Locke
Marine Dad

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