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Marine writes to his friends and family,

I am the proud mother of two United States Marines. I noticed the page of poems & etc written by Marines. My older son was out at sea when 9/11 occured. He sent a letter home that brought tears to my eyes. I sent copies of it out with my Christmas cards that year.

Thank You, Dorothy D. Di Liddo

To my friends and family,

No doubt you have a lot of questions, and I wish I had a lot of answers but I don’t. The fact is there is a lot of stuff I don’t know, and the stuff I do know I can’t tell you. Your questions as to where I will be in a month and what I will be doing are impossible to answer.

There is one thing I can tell you though, and that is that I am all right. My future remains uncertain, but there is one thing I am certain of; I am ready. I am not afraid of what lies ahead, whatever it may be. And should the call to arms come my way, I will gladly answer it. I am confident in the training the Marines have given me and I have strength in the Lord. As long as I have that, I know I will make it home safe, even if I don’t know when that will be.

Whatever you do in the next few weeks, don’t let what has happened get the better of you. That is exactly what they want. They can trample as many American flags as they want, but they can never trample our spirit. Believe that and we can never be defeated. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, and know I am doing the same.

God bless you all, and God bless America.


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