Marines Arrested

What the hell has happened to our corps? Sixteen marines arrested at Pendleton, for human smuggling to drug-related offenses. Have we lowered our standards that much? Has political correctness, diversity and this transgender bull—it made its way into our corps? I just don’t no.

I’m an old marine (will be 78 my birthday) I still believe in our creed. God, Country, and corps.

And I also believe in these three words, Honor, Valor and Fidelity. This incident is an embarrassment to all marines, past, present and future.

Chuck Wilson
1958 – 1962

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  • Harold Allie

    Graduate of MCRD 1951 and i agree with you

  • Harold Allie

    Graduate of MCRD 1951 and i agree with you

  • RT..Vietnam ’66/’67

    Mike….I totally agree. There are a lot of people that hate the United States and our Flag, but love our money as long as they don’t have to do anything to get it. I am all for helping those in need. However, I get tired of going to the grocery store and watching people pay for groceries with Food Stamps, EBT, etc and then pull out a One Hundred Dollar Bill and pay for their beer and cigarettes. If a person wants to smoke and drink beer that’s their choice, BUT clothing, food and housing should come first. When you and I were coming up there was a distinction between Republican and Democrats. Know the parties as we knew it no longer exists. It’s Left and Right…Liberals and Conservatives with their own agendas and personal gain as their sole purpose in being there. In my opinion most that are there don’t know how the common American lives and don’t really care. As far as the Morons, there doesn’t seem to be the discipline there were when we we served. I don’t know about you, but most of the Marines I served with had enough discipline drummed into them that they resisted the temptations of that time. Sure, they enjoyed having a good time on liberty, drinking a few beers and carousing around but stayed cleared of severe illegal activities. We all knew that we had to be responsible for our actions and had to suffer the consequences for those that were unacceptable. . There have always had bad apples bit it doesn’t seem there were as many and as prevalent as they are in today’s Corps. Like I indicated in an earlier post, DISCIPLINE HAS TO START AT THE TOP.

  • Glen Bradshaw, Cpl E-4 1961-1965

    Went through Parris Island July to Sept 1961. I do not remember where I was stationed but I do remember reading about a guy getting drummed out of the Marine Corps. It happened just as MSgt Edd Prothro discribed it in his comments. Feel they should bring back this “Drumming out” of the bad elements from our Marine Corps. Semper Fi!! Marines.

  • Mike Kerrigan (Cpl Fox 2/9, 0331, #2381472 , 1967- 1969)

    The entire United States is no longer “United”. The “Left” and it’s Co conspirator “Left Wing Media”
    has gradually (since the 1960’s beginning with Johnson and his failed “Great Society” fiasco) turned the United States into a haven of American Hating Victims who want everything and pay nothing.
    As for the MUTTS who were arrested that were referred to as Marines – they are NOT Marines. Because they made it through boot camp – does not qualify them for the title. There is an Ethos imbedded in
    Marines that does not allow despicable deeds like these to be performed. I fear that “God and Country”
    has gone to the wayside and that Civil War is eminent.

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