Marines, Taking Care of their Own

Marines, Taking Care of their Own

Alzheimer’s is a terrible thing. My father-in-law lost the battle with Alzheimer’s and we cared for him for almost two years. It can be devastating. You might have seen in the news where a guy checked his wife out of a memory care facility for the day. He took her around back and shot her, killing her instantly. Married for forty years, she no longer recognized him. That guy was Master Sergeant Stephen Kruspe. He was the Operations Chief when I was the Commanding Officer of 4th ANGLICO. Top Kruspe was a very professional Marine – the kind of Marine you would want in your foxhole in a firefight. He has an attorney who will try to get the charge reduced from first degree murder. And though the attorney does not expect to get paid, the expert witnesses he will need to call to testify on Top Kruspe’s behalf will. If you want to help, send a check payable to “Attorney Jonathan Kaplan” and mail it to me at 5460 Old Mystic Court, Jupiter FL 33458-3470. When I get a pile of checks, I’ll send them together to the attorney. Marines always say “Marines take care of their own.” Let’s take care of Top Kruspe. Col Paul Loschiavo USMCR (Ret), former SALT Officer, 2nd ANGLICO, and former Commanding Officer, 4th ANGLICO.
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  • Harry

    In reply to Top Pro USMC ‘64-’84.
    I agree!! I to have experienced the effects of Alzheimers. I also agree with you about the post on this newsletter. To allow that and,the political statements lately does bother me! Harry

  • Top Pro USMC ’64-’84

    Col Loschiavo, I don’t know if I’m more appalled at your request or at the Sgt Grit Newsletter for allowing it to be posted on this site. I can’t believe your audacity to ask people to support the criminal defense of a cold-blooded murderer. MSgt Stephen Kruspe may have been “a very professional Marine” to you, but I seriously doubt that I would want him in my foxhole in a firefight. If I were wounded, I’d be afraid that he would want to put me out of my misery just to satisfy his sadistic ego. Both my mother and father-in-law suffered alzheimer’s disease in the last stages of their lives, but never once did I, or anyone else, consider taking their lives just to avoid the inconvenience of providing loving and compassionate care. Often I would think that my mother was having a very good, lucid day when suddenly she would ask, “Now who are you again?” I would never think of killing her for that. Do you want to know why I wouldn’t think of killing her? Because when I was a baby she never once thought of killing me because I shit my diaper. She would just change it, give me a hug and a kiss and life would go on. Col you need to re-exam your definition of compassion, and let the law handle murderers. “Marines take care of their own” does have certain limitations

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