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Marines to Army

By: Reinhold Woykowski

In 1972 I went into the Marines and got out in 1974. Was out only a short time and decided to see what the Army was about. I did not have to go to Army Boot Camp because they said I had the worlds finest training in the Marines. For my first year and a half I was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco, right off the Golden Gate Bridge. After that, I was sent to Berlin Germany when it was still East and west. I can only say it was one big vacation in the Army. Have any of you Marines gone to another branch after the Marines? The funny thing is, I hardly ever think about the Army but the Marines is where my heart is at. Semper Fi

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Reinhold Woykowski - May 18, 2020

Were you in the Marines?

Jeff Kyle - May 18, 2020

4 years in the Marines. Got out, hated civilian life and tried to get back in. They weren’t taking retreads at that time. I was not inclined to be a civilian any longer, so I crossed the hallway to the Air Force recruiters office. The Air Force wanted my training (6113/6167 CH-53A/D)to work on their helicopters (HH-53C) I wanted to leave immediately but ended up taking 30 days to get enlisted in the AF. I spent 21 years in the Air Force and retired as a E-8 Senior Master Sgt.

Bob 1381 - May 18, 2020

I don’t think I have ever seen anyone in the Army or Air Force that seamed to take pride in the way they wore their uniforms. Wrinkled and poor fit seems to be the norm. The Navy seems to take a little more pride than the Army or Air Force. I guess the saying holds true; “YOU’RE IN THE ARMY, YOU’RE IN THE AIR FORCE BUT YOU ARE A MARINE”! …Bob 1381…Vietnam ’66/’67.

Noble Callaway III - May 18, 2020

CWO-5 Noble Callaway
After returning from Vietnam as a sergeant with 20 months in grade in Jan 1971 and discharged I was offered a commission or warrant officer in the local Army Reserves and National guard about seven miles away. But I just couldn’t see myself in the Army so I drove 80 miles to serve in the Marine Corps Reserve. I went on to make Master Sergeant and then warrant officer. A couple of friends who took the Army commissions later told me they had more respect as a sergeant of Marines then they did as a Lieutenant in the Army

Bill 0331 - May 18, 2020

I have a gut felling that a lot of these comments are all BULL SHIT!! Bill 0331

Tom Bates - May 18, 2020

After 12 years in the Corps and not on the list for Gunny, I put on the Army uniform to complete my career and retire. I am a member of the Marine Corps League and wear my DOD ribbons when in uniform (so I can wear my gold jump wings) and that is the only way you can tell I was a soldier…
Was a soldier, am a MARINE! I was helping them “be all that they could be”!

Tom Bates

Bob 1381 - May 18, 2020

Yep, I remember the two types of Marine Reserves. Around the first of November, 1965 some of my former classmates from high school started getting their draft notices. I called the local draft board and asked where I stood. The lady told me that in about two weeks I would be in the army. I said I don’t think so. My wife and I had only been married for two months and we wanted to spend our first Christmas together’ if all possible, and make arrangement for storing our furniture and moving her back in with her parents. So, I went straight to the local Marine Corps recruiter to enlist. When he asked me how long I wanted to enlist for I asked him what my options were. He told me that since they had started sending some draftees to the Marine Corps that they had a two years active duty and four years reserve program with a delayed entry. Therefore, I was able to wait until the second week in January, 1966 to report to MCRDPI for recruit training. I had already passed the physical to be drafted so I was able to enlist as soon as the recruiter finalized the paperwork. After my two years active duty, which included a tour in Vietnam, I was released and assigned to a reserve unit but was designated a “Standby Reservist”. Since I lived over 50 miles (I think that’s the distance) from the reserve unit I wasn’t required to attend any meeting but had to report any change in family status once or twice a year when they sent me a report form. … Bob…1381..Vietnam 1966/1967.

Jesse Griffin VSM CAR CIB - May 18, 2020

I spent four years in the regular Marine Corps and six years in the regular Army. I was a tank crewman in both branches, and also as an Air Cavalryman in the Army. My first Army platoon sergeant was a former Marine. I served in Vietnam in both branches. Nineteen months as a tanker with 1st Tank Battalion, 1st MarDiv., and ten months as an Air Cavalryman with the 101st Airborne Div. and the 1st Cavalry Div. I earned both the Combat Action Ribbon from the Marines, and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge from the Army. I take equal pride in being both a Marine and a Soldier. In combat, as both, I detected the American fighting spirit as being equal to accomplish the mission.

Eugene Hammer - May 18, 2020

why would any marine do that ???

Daniel - May 18, 2020

Started boot camp Nov of 67. We had an “old man” of 24 in plt. 2217 at MCRD SD. He had 4 years army, and 4 years Navy already. He had to go through Marine boot anyway. He wanted to do 4 years in each of the 4 main branches. I wonder if he ever got out of the Corps and did 4 years AF, or if he just stayed in the Corps.


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