Marines to Army

By: Reinhold Woykowski

In 1972 I went into the Marines and got out in 1974. Was out only a short time and decided to see what the Army was about. I did not have to go to Army Boot Camp because they said I had the worlds finest training in the Marines. For my first year and a half I was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco, right off the Golden Gate Bridge. After that, I was sent to Berlin Germany when it was still East and west. I can only say it was one big vacation in the Army. Have any of you Marines gone to another branch after the Marines? The funny thing is, I hardly ever think about the Army but the Marines is where my heart is at. Semper Fi

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  • Bailey

    USMC 68-72, VN 69-70, went to college and a direct commission into the USAF 76-83, switched my
    commission to the Army and got my second all expense paid trip to a war, the 1st GW 90-91. Got promoted after I got back and finished my time in the Army Reserve. Retired after 26 yrs. total service time. I’ve been asked a time or two why I didn’t serve in the Navy and hit all four branches?? I smile and say I did serve in the Navy, the men’s dept..

  • S.Sgt. Donald Graves

    After graduating high school in1974 I earned my EGA & worked the brig for 12 years ,got my rocker & then became an instructor/Plt.Sgt at MCSF . After getting RIF’d In 1991 ,I tooled around as a civilian for 14 years before joining the army national guard & went to Iraq in 2008. Peacetime in the ‘Corps was infinitely more difficult than was being an OldMan in the wartime army ! Was given lots of awards ( colored ribbons) in the army but they mean considerably less ,to me, than the EGA . God blessed me when those 3 D.I.’s put the fear of God in me ( yes I remember their names ,1 died of cancer ) &the Devil cursed me with my time in the army !

  • James Kanavy Cpl 0311 VN 66-67

    I agree

  • JC

    I served active duty Marine Corps then Selected Reserve Marine Corps, but not as a traditional reservist as it was all active for two weeks at a shot on orders. Then I moved and went to college to finish my baccalaureate degree. After college, I joined the air farce reserves. I went active for a while then back to reserves. I hated the political mental midget games, so I 368’d to the nasty army guard. Hated the good ol’ boys club and drama there. Finished my time and got out. Years later, I thought I could help the community in boating, so I joined the coast guard auxiliary. Wasn’t organized very well. Felt no camaraderie, so I left. What about the Navy, you ask? My time spent as a Sea Cadet in my youth was enough for me. Of all branches, I miss the Corps the most. If I had it to do all over, I would’ve stayed in and retired, but hindsight is 20/20.

  • Art Niswonger

    I joined the Marines in August 1979, barely 17 years old, as a 0331 I was sent to Barracks duty Norfolk, VA. Did my entire first enlistment there and got out in August 1982. Back in Michigan I got married and ended up joining the Michigan National Guard, did not need to go thru boot of course, they made me a Specialist 4 and would be the Squad leader for the machine gun squad, the 8 months I was with the Guard I preferred my men call me Corporal since that’s what I got out of the Corps as. These were good men, but not Marines, I re-enlisted in the Marine Corps in June 1984 holding rank and time in grade. It was good to be back, not easy, especially now with a family, but there’s something about the comradery and esprit de corps of the UNITED STATES MARINES!

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