Marines to Army

By: Reinhold Woykowski

In 1972 I went into the Marines and got out in 1974. Was out only a short time and decided to see what the Army was about. I did not have to go to Army Boot Camp because they said I had the worlds finest training in the Marines. For my first year and a half I was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco, right off the Golden Gate Bridge. After that, I was sent to Berlin Germany when it was still East and west. I can only say it was one big vacation in the Army. Have any of you Marines gone to another branch after the Marines? The funny thing is, I hardly ever think about the Army but the Marines is where my heart is at. Semper Fi

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  • Bob 1381

    A few years after my initial enlistment in the Marine Corps which included a tour in Vietnam I considered the National Guard. But, I just couldn’t see myself wearing an army uniform. Somehow, it just didn’t set right…..Bob 1381…Vietnam 1966/1967.

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