Marrie and Scott

Marrie and Scott

Back in 79 I went to fort lost in the woods MO. I fell off n love with Marie Kirkland. After my training I was to give to cailf so was Marie.But my orders where change at the last minute,and I was headed to camp Lejune. I flew back to see her before she left to Cailf.It was a crazy weekend we had even to this day it was the happiest I’ve ever been. If never got to see her again. A day doesn’t go by that point don’t think about her. I heard she married. As for me I have a son my wife passed away in 2001 I took up bull riding l know at my age. Yet i was a marine And still to this day I ride. My last ride will be in vagas 2019 That one day is for you Marie Kirkland. blueford.
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  • Michael L. Best

    SGT MAJOR ED SAX, 30 yr MARINE, last assignment FLW.MO

  • Corporal Alan Phung USMC

    I don’t think he is a poser. Some MOS like 0811, Field Artillery, will send you to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Army Base Artillery School. Remember Marine Corp is smaller than other branch of military. We have the old, left over gear, old equipment, sometimes we have to borrow equipment like howitzer from the Army. But, guess what, Marines still kick ass and take name with old equipment, left over gear, or no gear. Does not matter. Semper Fi.

  • Sargeant V.

    Believable, but a lot of holes to fill.

  • Sgt. H.

    Bullshit !!!!!

  • Mark A Dobuzinsky

    Great story hope you see her again Marine

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