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Me and Maj.Chris Collins, USMC "Left Wing" Blue Angles Team

Me and Maj.Chris Collins, USMC “Left Wing” Blue Angles Team

Chris is from Darin, Connennecticut. He Joined the Blue Angles in Sept 2008…he has acummulated over 2400 flight hours, and 350 carrier arrested landings…a TOP GUN fighter Pilot…I thought Chris was a Top Guy ! he gave me a personal inspection of the planes and hanger..a coin, autograghed Picture, and Got all 6 Blue Angles to sign my NCO book….It was very interesting, exciting, and I was lucky because the world only sees these guys in the air, and i wasable to walk in a very secure, and restricted inspect the Planes and equipment …Chris is one of 2 Marine Blue Angel Pilots…

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