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Me Looking Important

Me Looking Important

During the Korean War, damaged equipment (Tanks, Truck, Weapons Carriers and such) had to be taken to Combat Service Group about a hundred Miles behind the lines. But just getting on the lines was the only pleasant part of the deal. Tent with heat, bunk beds and Fresh hot Chow. Sometimes stopping enroute and getting a meal at an Army or Air Force Post where the food was served at tables with checkered table cloths and Pretty Korean Maidens. Of course the terrible part of the ordeal was the dirt, smoke and dust that covered you. But as you can see at the bottom of the locomotive is a pipe where steam comes out. So you put your "C" rations in an expeditionary can, pull the can up the steam pipe and have the engineer turn on the steam for just a moment or two… VOILA… Hot Chow.

Here I am at the controls of a stopped train with the engineers on top and me looking important.

GySgt. F. L. Rousseau, USMC Retired​

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