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Meeting GySgt Ermey

Meeting GySgt Ermey

Hey. I've been an avid visitor and buyer of your products on your website for the past two years since I joined the beloved Corps and REALLY appreciate what you do for us there. Thank you. Little story about this picture. I'm a Reservist out of NAS Atlanta assigned to MAG-42. Last April on my drill weekend we were shipping out the 2nd wave of HMLA-773 to Trashcanistan to go sling lead and death upon those little sh** stains that started this. That Saturday one of my shopmates told us that Lee Ermey was coming in the next day to travel with the group and do another season of episodes for "Mail Call" on the History Channel with them. We were like  "You're kidding right?" Well, the next day someone said that he was in our main hangar so we all ventured over there. Sure enough, there was THE drill instructor himself, Gunny Ermey. The entire group gathered 'round as he told his VERY colorful story of his tour in Iraq doing the documentary with our guys and gals. He summed it up pretty well. "WHAT A SH***Y PLACE TO PUT A CITY!" He told of us making great progress there, contrary to the news media (such as the "Communist News Network" CNN) bashing us about our presense there, bashed movie stars such as Sean Penn and Tim Robbins (rightfully so), and said that we were kicking ass and taking names. I had to get a picture of this rare moment of me with probably the only Marine just as popular (if not more than) as the Commandant.

Semper Fi,
Lcpl. Jacob Allen
MALS-42 MAG-42 NAS Atl
On Time, On Target Baby!

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