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Memorial Day ceremony pics

Memorial Day ceremony pics


Hope you can use some of these.

For as long back as I can remember my home town (Eastern Nebraska) has always had a memorial Day Parade. Back then it was on the true Memorial Day, May 30th.

I remember being held on my dad’s shoulders so I could see the parade or pushing and shoving through people to get to the curb to sit down and watch it., as the sidewalks were so crowded with spectators.

what a shame now days as in many places you see almost no spectators.

Patriot guard alley of flagsI live in Wyoming now and I see that here. Each year fewer and fewer spectators. This year the “OLD” Vets at VFW decided not to put on a parade. They are old and tired, and volunteers don’t come forward to help.

Upon hearing this I decided we still needed one, so I did my best. Wasn’t good enough though, not one volunteer, even after advertising in the paper and on radio. Many people just don’t care any more, or just don’t understand what this day should mean to them.Weapons display next to Marine motorcycleIt is NOT about a congressional authorized three day weekend, so they can go party, fish hike and camp or gamble. It is about the rights and freedoms that they enjoy, because of the Veterans, that paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that our Constitution survived over the years.

I was so depressed as the deadline given by the city for a committee to be formed drew nearer and no volunteers to help.

Then ONE person from he local Air Force Base Volunteered. But two people were not enough according to the city. So we backed up and regrouped.

Mayor John Steve DwayneNo Parade this year. We instead held a centralized ceremony with a static display of Air Force Equipment. Bearcat armoured transport, Missile Pay Load Transporter, Hummvee, small arms weapons display and field equipment. There were maybe 20 civilian spectators in all (pop. over 50,000), even after advertising on radio, tv, papers, etc and flyers around town. After the event many people have remarked they were disappointed there was no parade and wondered why? In my nicest, M&M’s won’t melt in my mouth voice, I say, “You, are why there was no parade this year!” Most don’t get it, so I have to explain, Where were you?, when volunteers were called for, did you do anything to help put one on? etc. Hate to admit it, but Patriotism in general is slowly dying around the country. Anyway, The Mayor read the proclamation at our ceremony, then went to cemetary and laid a wreath, Central High School ROTC Presented the colors, Patriot Guard formed a alley of flags. Tech SGT Byrd (usaf), read the Meaning of the POW table and the items on it. Myself and Dwayne Carey (cpl) presented each item to the table as they were read off. Our Chaplain got lost.

Central High ROTCWe used a laptop computer and amplifier to play the National Anthem and other patriotic songs.
The Rain held off til we were done, so got to thank the Lord for his help in that.!
My Dad (a WW II vet) took the pictures, forgot to reset camera date, so edited date manually.

Semper FI

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