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Memorial Day Reunion

Marine Memorial Day Reunion
by Lcpl Lyons

I have been seeing quite a few letters to Sgt Grit about Memorial Day…Let me share this story with my fellow Marines about a very Special Memorial Day that took place 2005. 35 years ago I left a Few Good Men and some of the best friends that a person could ever have on a barren hill called Hill 34. Charlie Co. 1/5. RVN. This separation occurred because it was my time to rotate back to the World……..

As all Marines know…you talk about your future..and how we will always stay in touch..Many times our plans get turned around and around…Well 23 years later I retired from the Marine Corps in 1992 as a Master Sergeant…Just as those guys in Nam predicted that I would be the Lifer of the bunch…

And everyone knows how time separates even the best intentions…like staying in contact with one and other….time slipped by and contact with these guys were quickly lost…

Lcpl Harri Reunion Lcpl Lyons

In the last few months I decided to make it my mission to find these guys again..and I did..What a thrill to not only find them alive and well but to have one of them visit me at my home on Memorial Day 2005..It did me a great deal good and what a pleasant reunion it was…The third Marine in our Machine Gun Team was called Memorial Day evening and the Three of us heard each others voices together again…….


I sincerely encourage all Marines to do the same…Find those friends you have been thinking about for all these years….I ll bet they are sitting there just waiting for that call, email or letter from you

Enclosed are pics from RVN 35 yrs ago and also together again on Memorial Day……Just have this thought……..There are no tomorrows..get it done now… Happy hunting and Semper Fi………

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