Memorial Service Speech

In Memory of my friend
by Paula Barnhart

Whenever we meet someone, whether a chance encounter or a planned meeting, we come away with impressions on our heart and mind and pictures on our eyelids.

Whenever I saw Dave, be it three or four times in a single day or one time in three or four weeks, he always had a ready smile that came from the heart and reached all the way to his eyes.

I always knew he was glad to see me.

Old friends comfortable with one another.

Old Marines sharing a hearty ?Semper Fi?.

One of my favorite pictures of Dave in my eyelid gallery is of him, tooling down the highway in his little red car; Marine Corps cap on backward; Big stuffed critter riding along beside him.

I could see his joy in the outing.

I could feel his joy in the outing.

My day was brighter because I had seen him and his traveling companion.

Here?s to you, Big Guy.

And one more hearty

Semper Fi.

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