Memorial Tattoo For My Son

Memorial Tattoo For My Son

By: Larry Hill

Memorial tattoo for my son. Larry Hill

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  • Kelly Berrett

    Thank you to the both of you .

  • roxana bradshaw

    What a stunning tattoo . Beautiful way to remember your son.. thank you for raising a wonderful man whom I appreciate my freedom to him and so many others whom served our country..Am a marine mom .And a Blue Star Banner Mom as well. My brother served in Navy during Desert Storm . Military Proud family. Again Thank you for your Son Service. . Marine mom..Roxi

  • Larry

    Sgt. Guibord: I should also add I am not only a Marine dad but also a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant.

  • Sgt Guibord

    Larry, what an awesome way to remember your son, our brother, and our country’s hero! You are part of a very close, elite, and faithful family. SEMPER FI dad……..

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