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Memories Not to Pollute

Memories Not to Pollute
by Vicki

Red white and blue
We fly this flag
In remembrance of you
On the ground it won’t drag

What you have given
Has cut you deep
And caused you to lose
More than peaceful sleep

These wars are over
But the battles go on
Yet still every year
Dress blues you don

You polish your brass
And shine your shoes
For strength honor and pride
You will never lose

Some stand on crutches
Others sit in chairs
Both remember
Brothers and Sisters not there

Your families and friends
Put out beautiful flowers
You all sit together
Talking for hours

I cannot imagine
The sounds or the smells
You must remember
Hiding within yourselves

It takes special people
Of this I am sure
To go out and battle
All the things you endured

I give you respect
Memories not to pollute
Honoring things passed
With a rifle salute

So from your Sister
Of another Mother
My thanks go to you
While remembering my Brother

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