Memories of Iwo Jima

Memories of Iwo Jima

On March 26, 1945, Marines secured the island of Iwo Jima after 36 days of combat.

The battle may be over, but the memories live on through these Marines.

Semper Fidelis.

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  • Rob Henderson

    Great story- Dad is a Marine and we live near Paris Island- Dad was wounded near Chosin on November 28, 1950, Dog company I think, Royal British Comandos helped get him help, He spoke of Chesty Puller often.

  • Richard Maupin

    Wow….. that’s about all I can say. The honor, and pride of being able to hear those stories first hand. Semper Fi Marines!!

  • Sgt Thomas P. Crerand USMC RVN 1968

    My father was a machine gun squad leaded , 21st Marines 3rd Marine Div. The third was the reserve Div and not scheduled to land on Iwo, but the casualties were that high that the regiment was landed 2/21/1945. In an assault on one of the three airfields he was wounded, with one bullet ripping the brim off his helmet and another tearing through his right thigh. He was the only man in his squad to make it off Iwo alive. As a young boy I remember asking my dad if they won the war, he replied that, ” there are no winners in war everyone looses”. Sgt John W. Crerand 7/14/1920 – 7/21/1961

  • Steve Robertson — “Chesty’s Friend”

    Dear Sgt. Grit, You and I go back quite a few years discussing my personal friendship and that of my family with Gen. Puller (Chesty). Yet this Video hit me hard….why……a dear friend Mike Dudash..we were together for over 35 years helping Marines. He died two years ago, at 93. He was on the 2nd wave at Iwo. Was on the 1st Wave but his Landing Craft broke down. He was selected because of his Communication Skills and was on top of Mount Suribachi right behind “The Flag Raisers” because he was to setup communications with both Command and the Fleet because of the overview of the Island. Mr. Dudash and I traveled alot to Marine Commands in “PME’s”, he on Iwo and me on “Chesty”. Well, I have slowed down alot in this mission because we aren’t together anymore. Please……Please keep putting our your NewsLetters. They are important and your Marines constantly provide valuable History. Steve Robertson

  • Cpl J. W. Hornsey Mike 3/1 CUPP RVN 1970

    That video made me cry. My dad passed away 21 years ago from a brain stem aneurysm. He was with Foxtrot 2/27, 5th MarDiv. landed on Red Beach near the base of Suribachi. Their objective was to secure airfield #1. I have a copy of that picture of the 5th Div Cemetery on the wall in our den. He got it shortly after the battle. I also have a 22 pistol he took from a Japanese Majors hand. Met a guy recently at the grocery store who had been on a Navy Cruiser off the Island. He told me how they shelled Suribachi until they burned the barrel out on their 5″ guns. Awesome to talk to those people. God Bless them all. Semper Fi

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