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Merry Christmas from 119/1969

Merry Christmas from 119/1969

Merry Christmas from 119/1969

I drew one of two straws to get evacced to the Bob Hope Show at Freedom Hill but since I was the only Corpsman on the hill, the rear echelons said I couldn't go. Straws were drawn again and one of the guys that got to go was Quigley from South Dakota. Later I got a nice letter and autographed photo of Mr. Hope which are both now in the Tennessee State Museum, along with my K-Bar, bush boots, surgical kit, bush cover and medals.

We had a good time on 119 on Christmas. We gave the Vietnamese some of the candies and stuff we got in the mail that was choppered in earlier. The "Old One Armed Bandit" hit me up for cigars and a couple of aspirin. I'll send you a picture of her. She was rumored to be the head VC for Phu Loc but I don't know that was ever confirmed. As any-one that was there knows you never completely trusted anybody, but for a few minutes on 119 on Christmas day, we came as close to it as you could. We did have sentries posted during the impromptu celebration.

I pull those old pictures out every Christmas. I'll send a couple of more photos that may be of more interest.

Thanks for all you do,
Doc T. Mullins

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