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Merry Christmas Marines – Semper Fi and Good Night

A Marine Corps Christmas Poem
Written by Jessica, Wife of a 1/7 Marine

Twas the nite before Christmas,
they lived far from home,
in dark,sandy quarters,
but not all alone

After clearing the checkpoints,
and with presents to give,
I wanted to see the Marines
Who in these quarters did live.

As I looked all about,
an awesome sight I did see,
some of the few and the proud,
U.S. Marines

Some young, some old,
with boots full of sand,
Marine Corps brothers
with rifles in hand.

Seeing bravery, courage,
and toughness of mind,
a sobering thought came thru my mind

For these quarters were different,
housing hardcharging Marines;
Who make it through
with various routines

The only easy day was the one they just got thru;
Uncommon valor, still a common virtue

Yet their spirits were high,
Minds and bodies were strong;
Despite the months
that were trying and long

These were the heroes
of whom I had read;
Whose main purpose was
to make the enemy dead

I knew the Americans
who i saw on this night
owed their lives to these men,
the first ones to fight.

Soon ‘cross the country,
Americans would rise;
ready to celebrate
with joy in their eyes

Each one enjoyed freedom,
each day of the year;
because of Marines…
like the ones I saw here

I had to wonder
how many deeds went uknown,
of the men spending Christmas
in a land far from home

Thinking of this,
brought tears to my eyes;
my knees hit the deck,
and i started to cry

Some Marines turned to me,
saying “santa don’t cry,”
“We’re here for a purpose,
we’ll get these bad guys”

We fight for freedom,
each other, the Corps;
and for this reason,
we’ll win this war

Before turning away,
they said “This is our job.”
I couldn’t control it,
I continued to sob

I continued to watch
and silently weep;
seeing the esprits de corps
that ran so deep

I wanted to stay
on that cold desert night,
with these warriors for freedom,
so willing to fight

But a Marine came to me,
eyes steady and voice sure,
“It’s Twenty-five December,
So carry on Santa, All is secure.”

In that instance I knew,
the cause was just and right,
“Merry Christmas Marines;
Semper Fi and good night”

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