Mess Duty

By: Don Cossey

I was on mess duty at Matthews in October 63 and yes the DT’S was going around there one night ad yes I remember Little Agony and Big Agony on to well with the duck walking..That alone probably messed up more knee’s than anything…One memory was when we pulled butt’s for the Navy and you would have been safer in front of the butt’s rather than behind…Ha…I was an Old 6413 Air Winger..

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  • MSgt Edd Prothro, USMC Ret. 1964-1984

    I wonder how many different names those hills were called. In July 1964 we called them Little and Big Liberty. During snapping-in week, Sgt Sanchez asked who all wanted to go on liberty? We knew something was up when a DI asked such a question. Of course, the whole platoon went, and none voluntarily. But it was truly agony. Semper Fi!!

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