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Midnight Radio Watch

Midnight Radio Watch

This picture was taken in the field in Italy near Naples January 86.

Pictured left to right are Cpl Bob"Mannix" Maniscalco, Cpl Carlos "Little Juan" Torres, LCpl Steve "Shit Kicker" Tuey, and me Cpl Howard Cooper.

It was certainly cold that night. Our taxi, the Guadalcanal (LPH-7) was docked in Naples. Soon after this picture was taken we got the news the Challenger had exploded during liftoff. It's like do you remember where you were when Kennedy was shot, when Elvis died, when the Berlin Wall fell, and September 11th, 2001. If you guys see this drop me a line.
Semper Fi!! Coop
Howard J. Cooper Sgt/USMC 84-97
Unit BLT 3/4 26th MAU(SOC)

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